International Exposure Program on Financing of MSMEs, 22nd-29th June

The Asian Institute of Technology is organizing an International Program on Financing of MSMEs on 22 – 29 June 2016. This program is being organized upon the request of the Reserve Bank of India, College of Agricultural Banking with the aim of giving exposure to senior bank executives and finance officers in India on the system of financing micro, small and medium enterprises in China and in Thailand.  This will help participants benchmark from the best practices of banks and financing institutions and gain insights on practices and facilitation mechanisms in the two countries

The College of Agricultural Banking (CAB) is the premier training institution in the financial sector of India. The College, established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1969, caters to the training needs for officers of RBI, Commercial Banks, as well as all India and State level Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Companies (NBFCs). CAB presently runs programs under five distinct channels: Rural Banking, Cooperative Banking, Human Resources Management, Information Technology and International and Miscellaneous. 

Learning Objectives

The exposure program will introduce participants to innovations and policy frameworks that enable financing of and support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Thailand and China so lessons can be drawn for the sector in general and the Indian banks in particular. 

Specifically, the course is designed so that the participants shall be able:

  • To study the models of MSME financing in the country;
  • To study methods applied by the banks in the country to overcome the constraints, faced while financing to MSMEs;
  • To study the system of financial and non-financial support extended by banks/Governments and other institutions in the country and;
  • To draw lessons for Indian banks and the training establishments. 
Training Methodology

AIT aims to organize an extensive program of study visits in Thailand and China to organizations involved in financing or supporting MSMEs, including financial institutions, commercial banks, organizations and government agencies.

Experienced resource-persons will lead participants through discussion-and-integration sessions.  Participants will be prepared to arrive at the visit venue prepared with questions in hand, that will encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange.
This way AIT aims to ensure that participants return to their workplace with practical insights into best practices or challenges and constraints that the MSME financing sector faces, and can build on lessons learned to find solutions that can immediately be applied to work within the local context.

Study Visit schedule

The study visit schedule will be conducted on weekdays between 0900 and 1600 hours.  An additional 2-3 hours has been allocated for travel time.  Two 30-minute coffee breaks are planned for 1000, and 1500 hours, with lunch break from 1200-1315 hours.

After field visits to locations, participants will be exposed to the rich local culture through opportunities for sightseeing or shopping.  During the weekend, AIT will organize guided excursions and transport to a select number of well-known attractions or places of interest in Thailand as well as in China.