Overseas Exposure Visit Program on: 11th Policy, Planning and Management Course of BPATC, Bangladesh Ministry of Public Administration 20th – 26th November 2016

This one week Overseas Exposure Visit Program is on11th Policy, Planning and Management Course of BPATC, Bangladesh, Ministry of Public Administration which is to held from 20th – 26th November 2016. The Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA), Government of Bangladesh is an apex body that is responsible for ensuring effectiveness of civil service system, maintaining relevance of civil service regulations and policies as well as building up competency of the civil servants to carry out government affairs and service delivery.

MOPA continues to implement government human resources management reform programs which aim to increase potential and performance of the civil servants. It is expected that in doing so, the civil servants will bring positive changes to their organizations and the government. The reform programs will also help preparing government manpower to be ready to adapt to emerging issues and challenges the government have faced. Likewise, the manpower is powerful to increase performance of the government organizations.

MoPA, by the training arms of the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC), has specified capacity development needs and translate them into various training courses under BPATC. The courses have different target groups in the administrative cadres starting from senior level, mid-level and the operational level. The public servants who are in the system working at ministry, department, district and local level will have opportunity to pursue the training. The main competencies that MoPA gives priority are: leadership, change management, planning skills, decision making skills, team skills, project management and service delivery. Classroom sessions are conducted in Bangladesh and they are integrated with local field visits. The regional training sessions are conducted in the other countries where public sector contexts and socio-economic environment are similar to Bangladesh. The regional sessions aim to broader perspectives of the public servants in Bangladesh in making changing in service delivery practices.         

Since 2015, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), through the Public Sector Capacity Building Program of AIT Extension, have been selected as an implementing partner to run the regional training sessions. The sessions are last long for 10 days and majority of the training days are designed as on-site studies in which learning routes are mapped with the requirements that MoPA gives. The said sessions address key issues and approaches related to management and administration of civil service system that foster reform in public service and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations. The training will give opportunity for participants to identify critical areas that can be applied into reform programs being practiced in Bangladesh.


It is expected that after the training program, participants will:

• have acquainted knowledge on approaches and methods to implement civil service system reform initiatives, 

•  enrich practical knowledge on policies and strategies to enhance capacity of civil servants to bring positive changes to the organization,

•   have clear concepts on citizen-centered service delivery and learn mechanism to institutionalize the concept to the day-to-day practices,

•  have exposure to civil service reform initiatives being carried out in Thailand.

Donor: Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh

Participant: 23 persons

Program Coordinator: Ms. Worawan Sumroetrum

Program Director: Mr. Voravate Chonlasin