Professional development program on It application in ERP and Financial Analysis

This one-week course is designed for officials responsible in assisting and contributing to the enterprise resource planning and financial functions on daily basis of Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).  

In order to stimulate rapid economic growth of the country, particularly through industrialization, the government has adopted an 'Open Door Policy' to attract foreign investment to Bangladesh. The BEPZA is the official organ of the government to promote, attract and facilitate foreign investment in the EPZs. Besides, BEPZA as the competent Authority performs inspection & supervision of the compliances of the enterprises related to social & environmental issues, safety & security at work place in order to maintain harmonious labour-management & industrial relations in EPZs. The primary objective of an EPZ is to provide special areas where potential investors would find a congenial investment climate free from cumbersome procedures.

Objective: The principal aim of this program is to enhance the skills of the participants on the use of ERP as a productivity tool. The participants are also expected to understand and learn on risk management and financial evaluation of projects. The participants will learn the best practices in the use of IT for communication and office security organization.

TIMING: The training program will be held during 19 – 23 December 2016 (excluding travel time). The participants will arrive at Surabaya on 18 December 2016 and leave from Bali, Denpasar on 25 December 2016.

VENUE: Surabaya and Bali, Indonesia

CLIENT/DONOR: Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)

PARTICIPANTS: The participants for this course will be selected by Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Bangladesh. It is expected that there will be 10 participants from BEPZA attending this program. The participants would be drawn from different units of BEPZA, especially those involved in the Information Technology.

COURSE DIRECTOR:    Mr. Fazle Karim

COURSE COORDINATOR(S):     Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari

CONTACT  Mr. Fazle Karim

Head,Information Technology & Engineering

AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology


Phone: 02 524 5311