AIT Extension is hosting a professional capacity building course on "Planning, Estimating and Management of Storm Water"

Planning, Estimating and Management of Storm Water The Public Sector Capacity Building Unit under AIT Extension is organizing a 10-day short course on Planning, Estimating and Management of Storm Water (15 - 24 February 2010). This training program aims to support the capacity building initiative of Lunawa Environment Improvement and Community Development Project (LEI&CDP), Government of Sri Lanka. The project received its financial assistance from the Government of Japan. Participants comprised engineers and senior government officials from the Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development, Sri Lanka; Land Reclamation and Development Cooperation (SLLRDC); and Dehiwala Mt’ Lavinia Municipal Council (DMMC). The main purpose of this short course is to enrich knowledge of the engineers and project staff on cutting-edge approaches in construction management and administration as well as on technical aspects of public infrastructure development projects.

AIT Extension hosted a 5th Regional Exposure Visit Program to 43 Bangladeshi Government Officials

Public Administration Reform, Performance Management and Service DeliveryAIT Extension, in conjunction with the Department for International Development (DFID) and Ministry of Establishment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is very proud to have hosted a 43-member delegation of senior officials from Bangladesh for a specialized 2 weeks program on "Public Administration Reform, Performance Management and Service Delivery" (25 Jan – 5 Feb, 2010). This Regional Exposure Visit (REV) followed the completion of 5th similar REV programs developed for the Bangladeshi Senior Civil Administrators under the program called Managing At The Top 2 (MATT2). We are confident that this training will provide substantive benefits to the clients of these Civil Administrators.

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Urban Environmental Planning and Management

​This course ​description ​is indicative, and only for reference ​purposes. The course is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in this course​,​ or require a customized course​ that is similar to this​, please note that ​fees start from USD ​25,000 for a two-week course. This fee is for a customized course for ten or fewer participants. For additional participants, the fee is USD 2500 ​per participant. Read more »

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