Professional Capacity Building Courses Offered at AIT Extension

AIT Extension is qualified and proficient in providing a large scope of training courses. The following extensive course list is simply for reference and is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in any of these courses or require a customized course, please note that to open and run it, we require at least 10 participants. Please send your inquiries to
Information Technology & Engineering
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
SV21 Health Care Management Information System 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV20 Construction Management Practices 2 Weeks USD 2,500
Public Sector Capacity Building
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
SV19 Public Private Partnership 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV18 Rural and Community Destination Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV11 Local/Community-based Primary Health Care Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV08 Rural Poverty Reduction 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS07 Conflict Management 1.5 Weeks USD 1,800
PS06 Plan, Do, Check, and Act: Practicum in Continual Improvement Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS05 Leadership Development Program for Public Utility Managers 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS04 Private Sector Strategy: Foundation Course in Effective Private Sector Development 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS03 Promoting SME Productivity and Growth: Improving Livelihoods by Enabling Small Businesses 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS02 Building, Enabling, and Leading Sustainable MFIs and the Development of a Robust Microfinance Sector 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PS01 Using Value Chain and Cluster Strategies to Improve National Competitiveness 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PM17 Seminar-Cum-Study Visit Program Contract Administration and Alternative Dispute Resolution 2 Weeks USD 2,000
PM15 Seminar-Cum-Study Visit Program on Public-Private Partnership 2 Weeks USD 2,000
Agriculture, Resources & Environment
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
SV17 Eco-Tourism and Environmental Conservation 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV15 Community-based Sustainable Livelihoods in Uplands and Cross-border Area 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV14 Community-based Sustainable Livelihoods in Coastal Area 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV13 Developing Community Sustainable Livelihoods 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV07 Environmental Conflict Management and Resolution 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV06 Sustainable Natural Resources and Environment Management and Planning 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV05 Integrated Coastal Zone Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV04 Post harvest Technology 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV03 Appropriate and Innovative Farm Machinery 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV02 Rural Agribusiness Development and Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV01 Agricultural Extension Practices 2 Weeks USD 2,500
Development Management
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
SV16 Development of Small and Medium Sized Tourism Enterprises 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV12 Entrepreneurial Skills Development for Gender Empowerment 2 Weeks USD 2,500
SV10 Micro-enterprises Development for Rural/Local Products 2 Weeks USD 2,500
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
PM16 Seminar-Cum-Study Visit Program on Decentralization and Local Good Governance 2 Weeks USD 2,000