Professional Capacity Building Courses Offered at AIT Extension

AIT Extension is qualified and proficient in providing a large scope of training courses. The following extensive course list is simply for reference and is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in any of these courses or require a customized course, please note that to open and run it, we require at least 10 participants. Please send your inquiries to
Development Management
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
BM16 Leading Change and Organizational Renewal 1 Week USD 1,250
BM17 Management of Organizational Change 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM18 Strategic Negotiations for Long Term Organization Success 1 Week USD 1,250
BM19 Effective Management Skills and Techniques 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM20 Advanced Management for Asia-Pacific Managers 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM21 General Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM22 Office Management Skills 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM23 Small and Medium Business Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM24 Advanced Course in Improving Corporate Governance & Board Performance in Asia 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM25 Strategic IT Management: Transforming IT from Business Support to Business Driver 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM26 Information Technology and Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM27 Outsourcing: Mastering the Four Key Phases 1 Week USD 1,250
BM28 Management and Leadership for Engineering and Technical Professionals 1 Week USD 1,250
BM29 Business Analyst Foundation Course: At the Interchange of Business & Technology 1 Week USD 1,250
BM30 21st Century Corporate Social Responsibility 1 Week USD 1,250
BM31 Financial Management, Accounting and Audit 2 Weeks USD 2,500
BM32 Logistics Management for Corporate Productivity 2 Weeks USD 2,500
DE01 Project Management 3 Weeks USD 3,500
DE02 Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation 2 Weeks USD 2,500
DE03 Management and Implementation of Development Projects 3 Weeks USD 3,500
DE04 Managing for Development Results: Practicum in Improving Effectiveness and Impact through MDR 2 Weeks USD 2,500
DE05 Strategic Management of NGOs 2 Weeks USD 2,500
DE06 Conflict, Mediation and Dialogue 1 Week USD 1,250
DE07 Managing Micro Enterprises: Interventions, Development and Programs 2 Weeks USD 2,500
Education & Training Development
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
ED01 Quality Assurance for Higher Education and Training Institutions 2 Weeks USD 2,500
ED02 Governance of Educational Institutions in the 21st Century 2 Weeks USD 2,500
ED03 Knowledge Management in Educational Institutions 2 Weeks USD 2,500
ED04 Managing and Facilitating Research in Educational Institutions 2 Weeks USD 2,500
ED05 Management of Training Centers 2 Weeks USD 2,500
ED07 Advanced Competencies for Trainers 2 Weeks USD 2,500