Professional Capacity Building Courses Offered at AIT Extension

AIT Extension is qualified and proficient in providing a large scope of training courses. The following extensive course list is simply for reference and is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in any of these courses or require a customized course, please note that to open and run it, we require at least 10 participants. Please send your inquiries to
Agriculture, Resources & Environment
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
EN13 Climate Change and Response 1 Week USD 1,250
EN14 Community-Based Disaster Risk Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
Information Technology & Engineering
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
IM01 Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Natural Resources Management 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM02 Implementing Selective ERP Applications and Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM03 Information Technology Applications in Project Management 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM04 E-Commerce and E-Services: Strategies and Implementation 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM05 Educational Research, Evaluation and Analysis Using Information Technology 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM06 Information Technology Applications in Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM07 ICT for Poverty Reduction and Rural Development Planning 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM08 Construction Management Using ICT 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM09 Effective Implementations of e-Governance 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM10 Information Systems Development and Management 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM11 Effective Management Skills Using ICT 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IM12 Office/General Management Skills Using IT Applications 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM13 Water Resources Management and IT Applications 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM14 ICT in Public Administration and Civil Services Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM15 Knowledge Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM16 Multimedia Journalism 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM17 E-Procurement 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IM18 IT Governance 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT01 Network Security 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT02 Web Page Development and Deployment 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT03 Design and Development of Intranet/Internet Accessible Information System Using MS SQL Server 4 Weeks USD 4,500
IT04 Linux Essentials and Server Administration 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT05 Design and Development of Instructional Material Using Desktop, Web and Multimedia Tools 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT06 Web-based Database Applications Development Using MySQL and PHP 4 Weeks USD 4,500
IT07 Survey Data Organization and Analysis Using Statistical Application Software 4 Weeks USD 4,500
IT08 PC Configuration and Troubleshooting 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT09 Implementing and Trouble Shooting Wireless Networks 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT10 Office Applications, Web and Multimedia Tools 3 Weeks USD 3,500