Professional Capacity Building Courses Offered at AIT Extension

AIT Extension is qualified and proficient in providing a large scope of training courses. The following extensive course list is simply for reference and is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in any of these courses or require a customized course, please note that to open and run it, we require at least 10 participants. Please send your inquiries to
Information Technology & Engineering
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
IT11 Installation and Administration of Windows 2003 Server 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT12 Oracle Database Development and Administration 4 Weeks USD 4,500
IT13 ICT for International Construction Projects 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT14 ICT for Gender Development 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT15 Municipality Administrative System using Application of ICT 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT16 Information Technology Audit 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT17 IT Service Management: Best Practices 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT18 Essentials of RFID Technology 1 Week USD 1,250
IT19 RFID Software Integration 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT20 Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management and Security Risks 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT21 Managing IT Projects 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT22 Virtualization: Concepts and Implementation 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT23 Implementing Virtualization using Windows 2008 Hyper-V 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT24 Climate Change Issues 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT25 Leadership and Management Skills 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT26 Integrated Water Resource Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT26 Road Safety and Traffic Management 3 Weeks USD 3,500
IT27 Financial Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT28 Engineering Design, Construction, Operation. Maintenance and Protection of Gas Pipeline 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT29 Irrigation Management by Participatory Approach 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT30 Implementation, O & M and M & E of FCDI Schemes 2 Weeks USD 2,500
IT31 Seminar/Workshop on Leadership & Management Development 1 Week USD 1,500
Public Sector Capacity Building
Codesort icon Course Title Course duration Fee
PL01 Leadership in Rural Development 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL02 Modern Municipality and Local Government Management 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL03 Small Enterprises and Market Mobilization 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL04 Management for Development Results (MFDR) 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL05 Service Quality Management for Rural Development 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL06 Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL07 Strategic Development Planning for Pro-Poor Growth 2 Weeks USD 2,500
PL08 Capacity Development for Disaster Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation 2 Weeks USD 2,500