Marilyn Alcantara

Marilyn Alcantara

Marilyn is a goal oriented finance professional with an extensive international experience of over 16 years. And with a strong background in Organizational Finance Management, Financial Planning, Report and Analysis, Accounting, Auditing and people oriented management. And gears a proven track record in leading preparation of Financial Reports.


Consultancy Focus:

As an astute learner in the field of Finance, Marilyn has developed interdisciplinary skills over the years to address challenges not persistent to the confined field but in other related areas through troubleshooting and constructive methodology. As a Finance Professional, Marilyn with her set of skills, leads and guides the team resulting in smooth organizational financial operations. Nonetheless, her punctual client coordination is always an asset that differentiates the service capability of Marilyn in handling communications with various multilateral and bilateral agencies and clients.

Some Career Highlights:

  • Marilyn is the Director of Finance at AIT Extension, AIT. Her responsibilities include financial reporting, budget and planning. She manages and oversees her team’s financial systems and ensures that they are aligned to the Institute’s written policies and procedures.
  • Marilyn has worked with AIT Finance Office as Finance Officer portraying different roles encompassing Receivables, Fixed Assets and Payments.
  • Her background includes working as a Corporate Compliance/ Internal Auditor in The Philippines, where she actively performed audit practices that contributed to financially sound operations of the company.
  • Marilyn was a Cost Controller in one of the Philippines prominent companies, being in-charge of costing which led to monthly incentives through service charge payments and yearly bonuses. She was also appointed as Duty Manager whose main role was to oversee the smooth operations and transactions of the company. 
  • She acquired training certifications on Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation Program in 2017 and International Financial Reporting Standards Series: Mastering in IFRS 9, IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 in 2020.
  • While working at AIT, Marilyn started pursuing her postgraduate education and obtained her Master in Business Administration degree from Philippine Christian University in 2018. She also recently completed a 6-month Financial Literacy, Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program under the Ateneo of Life Program offered by both Ateneo and the Government of the Philippines.
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