The Fun(damentals) of Change Management

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Change Management (CM) is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational changes and moving from current ways of working to new ways of working. CM is needed whenever the enterprise undertakes a program or event that interrupts day-to-day operations. Such an undertaking will impact the work content of individual jobs, the roles of individual employees and the organization itself

CM is driven by the following:

  • External Drivers: Globalization, Economic conditions, Disruptive competition, e.g., Uber, Airbnb, etc., Customer needs, Government policies, Industry consolidation, e.g., M&A, Strategic Alliances, etc
  • Internal Drivers: Management decisions, Employee needs, Process reviews, Organisation restructuring, New digital technologies, and new products, etc

CM includes methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, business processes, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly change a company or organization. It considers the full organization and what needs to change or maybe used solely to refer to how people and teams are affected by such organizational transition. It deals with many different disciplines, from behavioral and social sciences to information technology and business solutions.

Course Description and Rationale

The course is designed to provide individuals with a sound understanding of different elements of CM, ranging from an introduction to CM, through to details about the people side of change, e.g., behaviors, change resistance, etc. and then a run through a simple, practical framework approach to change.

This Training has more focus on the practical side of CM with reasonable focus on technical details and will include stories and anecdotes, practical insights, and lessons learned. It will be relaxed, informal, and conversational in nature.

Learner Profile

Team members, supervisors, project managers, functional and technical experts, consultants, senior executives, business leaders, and sponsors from a wide variety of manufacturing, service, and transactional business environments. Someone who anticipates needing CM/OCM skills and knowledge to be able to deal with change in his/her work. A student of Business, Operations, Computer Science, or Industrial Engineering.

Learning Design

Broken into a Modular form, the learning experience will be a mixture of discussions, Learning Material, Videos, and Exercises. It is Designed on being delivered through a Web Meeting, However Group exercises will be done over WhatsApp/Skype Calls and Some individual Work being done on Minitab using one's own Laptop. 

Learning Objective

Learning objectives for this Training is to enable you to:

  • Become a "change-aware" person
  • Increase the rate of project adoption and usage
  • Understand how to reduce resistance to change
  • Reinforce the fact that change is needed
  • Gain exposure to a range of tools, from simple to advanced
  • Understand when and why to apply Change Management interventions
  • Engage in a step-by-step application of methodology and tools

Covered Topics

  • What is Change/What is Change Management
  • The difference between Change Management and Project Management
  • The Challenge of Change
  • CM Models and Methodologies
  • Ways of implementing Change
  • People and Change, Change Behaviours, Change, and the Brain, Managing Change Resistance
  • The Head, Heart, and Soul of Change
  • Change Agents
  • The Foundations of Change … Sponsorship/Leadership, Stakeholder Management, and Communication Engagement
  • The Building Blocks of Change … Process Change, Organisation Change, Change Impact Assessment, Training Management, Business Readiness and Adoption, Benefits Management, Continuous Improvement


  • English competency corresponding to at least a six band IELTS or 90 TOEFL.
  • Interest in developing Change Management skills for professional development to apply on change projects.
  • Laptop/Desktop with Webcam. 

Suggested Resource Materials

Training Slides, Videos, Related Books

Masterclass Faculty / Invited Speakers

Mr. Ron Leeman, CEO & Founder The Highway of Change, Founder & Country Representative Institute of Change and Transformation Professionals Asia

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