Planning for Community Water Supply and Waste Management

Course Duration: 
3 Weeks
Agriculture, Resources & Environment
Tuition Fee: 
3 500.00 USD

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Participants: District and municipal engineers and planners, local government officials and civil engineers.

Course Brief:
This course aims to enhance knowledge and capability of district and provincial engineers and planners in planning, designing and managing community water supply and waste disposal systems. Course content covers water supply and sanitation development planning, water supply treatment and distribution systems, community waste management, management of waste supply and waste disposal projects.

The course includes case studies on related issues and study visits to community water supply projects, water purification plants and laboratories, waste transfer centers, disposal sites and treatment systems.

Tentative Course Contents:

  • Water Supply and Sanitation Development Planning
    Issues of community environment, sanitation and health; urbanization and population studies for water supply and waste management planning; planning for community water supply and waste management projects.
  • Water Supply Treatment and Distribution Systems
    Water quality criteria and standard; treatment techniques and systems for surface water and groundwater sources; design of water storage, transmission and distribution systems; pumps and pumping.
  • Community Wastes Management
    Solid waste: sources, and characterization; planning for solid waste collection and disposal assessment systems; solid wastes management alternatives and environmental and financial implications; site specification and evaluation of landfill operation; wastewater: collection and treatment systems; low cost treatment techniques; hazardous wastes issues.
  • Management of Water Supply and Waste Disposal Projects
    Project management concepts; financial management for community water supply and waste disposal projects; development of community/ private sector participation in waste management.
  • Case Studies and Study Visits
    Case studies on development planning and designing of water supply systems for small and medium communities; management practices for solid waste collection and disposal including sanitary landfill, incineration, waste reduction and recycling programs; community wastewater collection and treatment systems. 
  • Study visits to water supply and waste management projects of small and medium communities in various parts of Thailand.