Climate Change and Response

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Participants: Decision makers in organizations in all sectors.

Course Brief:
Recent scientific developments indicate that climate change may be a far greater problem than previously feared. While there may be some continuing disagreement about certain causalities, extreme weather events such as Hurricane Katrina are increasingly attributed to human interference, and the evidence that we need to prepare and adapt to climatic changes is now compelling. Recently, the film An Inconvenient Truth and the greater incidence of extreme climate events such as Hurricane Katrina have raised public awareness of the issues higher than ever before. Climate change is on every country’s agenda – so what does it mean for organizations in the Asia Pacific region?

Content covers basic science of climate change, mitigation technologies and policies, international negotiations, emissions trading and the project-based mechanisms, greenhouse gas mitigation in cities, industry and agriculture, sectoral and national policy implications for adapting to climate change, including water resource management, biodiversity, coastal zone management and disaster responses in the context of developing countries.

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