Asian Public Sector Management

Course Duration: 
2 Weeks
Public Sector Capacity Building
Tuition Fee: 
2 500.00 USD
Sub Topic: 
Performance Management in Public Organizations

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Governments of the developing countries have recognized that the successful implementation of poverty reduction strategy depends on improving efficiency of public sector. Major strategic focuses of such development initiative are on public service delivery, performance management, quality improvement, decentralization, institutional restructuring, public sector professionalism, good governance and combating corruption. It also addresses citizens’ empowerment to participate more effectively in shaping their own development, and to improved governance at local level. 

Public Sector Capacity Building Program at AIT Extension values principles and lessons that public sector in developing countries have learned from the past; approaches and processes to drive change that suits the country’s context. 

Overall course objectives: This course aims to provide understanding and broader perspectives of participants on modern policies and strategies on management of public organizations.  

Duration: 2 weeks 

Course contents 

Module -1: Enhancing organizational performance

  • Performance-based management: Issues and challenges
  • Realizing strategies for reform effectiveness
  • Reorganizing government organizations
  • Leadership in public service

Module -2: Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Retaining high performers in organization
  • Performance appraisal system
  • IT in HRM
  • Manpower planning and staff deployment

 Module-3: Public Financial Management

  • Improving efficiency of tax and customs operations
  • Building public sector governance and accountability
  • IT systems for tax and customs administrations
  • Public expenditure and financial accountability assessment
  • Modern budgeting and improving resource allocation decisions

Module -4: Citizen-centered Service Delivery

  • Cultural aspect of public service delivery
  • Monitoring, evaluation and feedback 
  • Documentation and reporting

Module-5: Study visits:  

Study visit to various public organizations and public sector reform initiatives and programs    

Course fee: USD 2,500 per person (not include accommodation)