Monitoring and Evaluation in Post Conflict Recovery

20 February - 05 March 2010


Many past experiences have highlighted the need for more effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in order to develop an effective, efficient and sustainable post-conflict recovery program that will achieve the objectives of improving stability and security. Thus, M&E is a crucial management tool which provides a chance to track progress, improve activities, verify the outcomes and impact of a program and learn lessons that can be incorporated into future plans / programs and even policies.

Appropriate professional capacity building trainings effectively assist to improve the qualifications and capability of a pool of personnel for such missions. The creation of a trained human resource is thus crucial for the governments, non-governmental organizations and other international organizations.  

This course on “M&E in post-conflict recovery situation” outlines standards for improving inter-agency cooperation in designing and conducting effective M&E. It further reflects how M&E can be devised and implemented effectively through a specific M&E work plan which consists of a plan for data collection, data analysis and reporting. In addition, it also provides some basic M&E indicators within a results-management framework, which can be modified and adapted to different programs and projects.


This course is to enable the participants to establish standards for managing the implementation of integrated projects and to provide guidance on how to perform M&E in a way that will make project management more effective to follow up and make reporting more consistent.

At the end of this course the participants will:

  • Ensure informed decision making
  • Boost organizational and development learning
  • Support accountability and ensure quality control
  • Contribute to the further development of best practice and policy
  • Build capacities in M&E
  • Able to boost the personal commitment of the staff

Training Methods

  • Presentation and discussion with resource persons (minimum of direct inputs)
  • Case study
  • Study visits

Senior government officials from Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR), government of Nepal along with officers from AIT Extension and resource personnel from Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF).


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