Conflict Management

Course Duration: 
1.5 Weeks
Public Sector Capacity Building
Tuition Fee: 
1 800.00 USD

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Conflict should not be seen as something which is always negative. It is an inherent feature of change in organizations. It becomes a problem when an organization cannot manage or resolve its different interests in a peaceful way and violent conflict emerges. It is very important that executives and managers of development activities and public sector projects need to cope with issues of conflict, in recognition of the need to identify and analyse conflict issues in a consistent way. Understanding of conflict and anticipating its adverse impacts in advance helps managers to handle conflict situations and to increase collective effort to bring results.    

Duration: 1.5 weeks  

Course overall objective: The course aims to enrich knowledge and understanding of participants on nature of conflicts in organization and create awareness on tools and techniques used for conflict management. 

Course contents

  • Conceptual aspects of conflict
  • Level of conflict
  • Types of conflict
  • Causes of conflict
  • Conflict analysis
  • Techniques for conflict prevention and management
  • Introduction to mediation skills and principles of workplace mediation
  • Role of a mediator in conflict management.
  • Effective conflict resolution skills

Consultative problem solving, cases studies and exposure visits

  • How to deal with conflict at team level
  • Managing conflict between organizations
  • Strategic communication to avoid conflict but increase productivity
  • Conflict management strategies
  • Creating work-life balance environment
  • Visit to public and non-governmental organizations

Course fee: USD 1,800 per person (not include accommodation)