Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring for REDD+ Activities

REDD+ scheme is a result-based scheme offering financial compensation to developing countries for reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation PLUS conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. Addition to emission reductions, the REDD+ scheme requires that socio-economic benefits for local people and biodiversity be safeguarded when REDD+ project is implemented. Therefore, information on carbon biomass per individual trees, forests, and carbon emissions becomes increasingly necessary. The Paris Agreement reached in December 2015 at the COP21 of the United Framework Convention on Climate Change on limiting greenhouse gas emissions strengthens to need for tropical forest protection for climate change mitigation and sustainable development through the REDD+ activities.


  • Necessary knowledge to estimate carbon stocks in forests in their respective countries using forest inventory data
  • Learned how to estimate carbon biomass in individual tree species, forest carbon stocks at landscape, regional, and country levels
  • Learned the basics of REDD+ activities and how to achieve emission reductions under one or more REDD+ activities.
  • learned how socio-economic values and biodiversity can be safeguarded under the REDD+ scheme

Course Outline

  • Reviews of carbon emissions and sequestration in tropical forests (2 hours)
  • REDD+ and the Climate Change Agreements (2 hours)
  • Forest carbon accounting protocols and exercises using forest inventory data (2 days)
  • Forest monitoring using Google Earth Engine and Collect Earth (with exercise) (2 days)
  • Forest monitoring using drones (with exercises) (1 day)
  • Fieldwork: Forest inventory, social surveys and exercises of raw data calculation (3 days)

Target Audience

  • Anyone who has interests in understanding how to calculate carbon stocks, emissions, reductions and/or removals in tropical forests with/out financial support.
  • NGO officers, Practitioners, Decision makers/Policymakers and Development Partners.
  • Those with a responsibility or interest in the REDD+



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