Global Mindset and Managerial Cognition

The common term “Think Global, Act Local” is originated from management and organizational behavior research. The theoretical concept underlines this popular term is still applicable in business world. The globalization, regional connection and corporate networking are the main driving force for organizations to sharpen leadership quality and practice. In the era of digital transformation, availability of data and information have no limit for managers to use for decision making. Nevertheless, they are vital for decisions meant for life and death of organizations. Businesses have become more transboundary because of the globally-connected digital platforms and business management solutions to cope with diverse groups of customers. 

Many business entities are being multi-nationalized and they increasingly leverage competitiveness by joint venture, partnership and franchising. Management leaders and change managers play very important role in not only day-to-day operation but also foreseeing new prospects, and responding to rapid changes of market landscapes. The managers and business unit leaders will require new tools that help them to make sense of global picture of businesses, and to use data for business management. The management talent will depend on ability to think thorough and act fast. The increased ability of the managers to connect all meaningful dots enhance ability to create new solutions for managing business.


  • Simplify the current cognitive science models that can be applied for management
  • Make meaningful sense of using knowledge acquisition models to process data, to make decision and to learn 
  • Co-create managerial attributes that are important for business operation
  • Discuss real life examples multinational organizations 

Course Outline

  • Key concepts of cognitive science and its applications in management 
  • Brain functionality and advanced learning theories 
  • Management cycle and learning cycle – application to organization management
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming 
  • Analytical skills with data analytic 
  • Critical thinking using large data
  • Creative thinking and innovation
  • People management solutions
  • Task management solutions
  • Project management solutions 
  • Human – AI interaction

Target Audiences

  • Managers of private and public organizations 
  • Project managers / Coordinators 
  • Educators / Social Workers
  • Change Agents 
  • Mentor / Coach
  • Young Leaders


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