Safeguarding Organizations: Implementing Effective Measures through Cybersecurity

The massive use and application of digital technologies penetrate deeply into almost every aspect of human enterprise such as economic, social, political and military establishments. As individuals and organizations, our daily lives become more and more dependent on Information technology, data science and Internet-based tools and services. For smooth and effective operation of the organizations, analysis of data and information, we store and accumulate more and more sensitive data for various decision making processes. At present individuals, organizations and countries are living in a common Cyberspace and connected with a common thread called internet technology. All our sensitive data and information which we assume are stored in a safe place, is currently at risk. 

Currently number of these malicious cyber-attacks and the gross damage from those incidents are rising exponentially. The ability to protect your own organizations' information systems from impairment or even theft is essential to succeed & thrive. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer necessary protection, but also increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. The training program will address various cyber security challenges & how to protect the vital organ of your organization. Artificial Intelligence will allow automated software testing to find and kill bugs before they create risks on the systems by taking advantage of the technology loopholes. A secure cyberspace is very necessary for smooth and efficient operation of the industry and government.


The prime objective of this professional development training program is to implement successful solutions to the cyber security needs of a business through risk compliance, incident handling, integrated network solutions, and application development while maintaining an ethical profile. 

The Specific Objectives are to:

  • Better understanding of the concept of cybersecurity
  • Identifying and distinguish various threat actors and their motivations
  • Gaining updated knowledge on Cybersecurity 
  • Understanding different threats and challenges
  • Developing appropriate strategies to the various threat actors
  • Identifying social, legal, political, and economic impediments to cybersecurity
  • Approaches to maintain a solid / sound state of cybersecurity and to address security breaches effectively within the purview of law
  • Evaluating the level of risk to draw remedial strategies
  • Understand of the future cybersecurity challenges & appropriate measures required

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cyberspace
  • What is Cybersecurity: Threats and Challenges
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Time Series Analysis
  • Understand the fundamental of Penetration Testing
  • Network Anomaly Detection using K-Means method
  • Decision Tree based Malicious Event Detection 
  • Deep Learning based Penetration Test Detection

Target Audience

The training program is designed to provide a professional guide to protect the backbone of the organization such as data, digital information & the computer system. It is suitable for data center managers, executives and key decision makers in the areas of: Operations, Management, IT and Data Analytics. Professionals from both Private and Public Sector Organizations are going to be hugely benefited from this Executive professional development training program.



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