Electric Vehicles Technology, Battery Storage and Development Barriers

In order to address the future energy requirements and to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants Electric vehicles (EV) is on the path to resolve the issues to a considerable extent. EV are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to the existing conventional vehicles taking into consideration fuel prices and pollution. However, there are many challenges in EV deployment, e.g., higher prices, lack of technicians and engineers, lack of charging infrastructures, lack of appropriate EV safety readiness in fire department, etc. Similarly, Battery storage technology is also crucial part of EV and even for other devices. After first use, second use of battery is an emerging issue which could be used for Microgrid or renewable energy integration.


The aim is to introduce the key concepts and technology for developing EV and to expose the participants to the challenges. Participants will have insights into the management and use of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of electric vehicles (EV)
  • Various components of electric vehicles
  • Battery electric vehicles vs. hybrid electric vehicles 
  • Key technological, safety and policy barriers in EV deployment 
  • Impacts of electric vehicles on power grid network
  • Application of battery storage in EV for renewable integration
  • Battery storage technology
  • Battery life/capacity estimation
  • Battery management systems and safety issues
  • Second age battery storage applications
  • Battery charging stations
  • Battery swapping stations

Target Audience:


  • Directors of Energy
  • Department Heads
  • Consultants
  • Technical Analysts
  • Research Engineers
  • Specialists
  • Energy and Power Engineers
  • Technical Professionals in Energy
  • Electric Vehicle Technologist



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