International Training Course on Pump Technology for Water Supply


Along with regional development related to water resources, pumping works often play indispensable roles in various infrastructures ranging from farmland irrigation, municipal water supply, urban drainage to sewage disposal, etc.For successful implementation of such pumping projects, it is indispensable to apply modern turbo pump technologies and to provide appropriate planning and design based on accurate engineering practices for optmum utilization of resources. In the field of waterworks, various kinds of pump are utilized for pump facility, such as intake, transfer and distribution pump station. It is beneficial to acquire the fundamental technology and applications of pump.


  • The seminar is intended to introduce the fundamental approach to planning and design of pumping facilities.
  • In view of more useful knowledge in practical works, the applications of pumping equipment for intake and transfer pump station including operation methods and water hammer phenomena are lectured.
  • Site visit to the water treatment station and pump facility is planned during the seminar.


  1. Fundamental of Pumps
  2. Pump Characteristics & Typical Pump Type
  3. Pump requirement & Pump performance Curve
  4. Determination of Pump Operation Range
  5. Suction Sump and Discharge Tank
  6. Water Hammer
  7. Typical pump layout with valve and pipe
  8. Typical structure of various pump
  9. Motor
  10. Case study
  11. Site visit


A total number of approximately 40 will be invited from government agencies and public sectors, consulting firms and institutions related to pump engineering.

To participate in this course, the applicant should take into account his/her academic qualifications, professional experience and likely benefit of the course to the applicant and affiliated organization. Proficiency in English language is essential.

Limited numbers of scholarships from the EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund which covers tuition fee and accommodation for foreigners will be offered to qualified applicants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepali, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The International/Domestic travel to and from Bangkok and per diem shall be borne by each applicant.

Applicants who participate for the first time will take precedence if applicant exceeds capacity.



A series of presentations will be given in English using an LCD projector. A set of text materials in English is available for each participant.


Lecturers will be drawn from expert resources of EBARA Corporation, a representative engineering firm and manufacturer in Japan specializing in fluid machinery and environmental protection systems.


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