Professional Development Course on Management and Implementation of Development Projects

This training is focused on management and implementation of project which is included in the “Executing phase”. The success of any project is essentially dependent on successful management and execution of the projects plans. Implementing a project entails carrying out the tasks outlined in the application form in order to meet project goals and achieve results and outputs. Many internal and external factors influence its success. For instance, a well-organized project team and effective monitoring of project progress and related funding are crucial factors. Moreover, any project must have an effective management structure and must always be adaptive to current demands and altered conditions.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify important steps in project implementation and methods to enhance effectiveness of project management
  2. Practice project management application to aid project implementation management
  3. Identify challenge of project implementation and discuss possible solutions

Course Contents

  • Significance of project implementation
  • Strategies and approach for executing development project
  • Handling project implementation constraints
  • Project control – approaches and strategies
  • Project planning, coordination and information sharing
  • Risk assessment and risk management in project implementation
  • Operational and financial risk management
  • Participatory approach in project implementation
  • Public- Private interface in project implementation
  • Project Management Software

Tuition Fee: USD 2,500

Accommodation and Meals: USD 1,055

This course is designed for PRMP, Govenment of Punjab, Pakistan.

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