Shrimp/Prawn Farming 101

Global food demand increasing with an expected to serve for 9 billion population forecasting in 2050 is a daunting challenge to world food producing industries. Over 10% of world’s population, aquaculture and fisheries play a leading role to provide nutritious food for people around the world. Aquaculture is seen as playing a key role in many emerging economies expanding of Aquaculture production to many regions. Aquaculture has potential to contribute to increased food production while helping reduce pressure on fish resources. The global farmed shrimp market continues to grow faster than other aquaculture species and most of shrimp production being produced in Asia. COVID-19 pandemic has effected to agriculture and aquaculture’s products in Global Value Chain. While shrimp is still consistently one of the top protein source for customers.


  • Shrimp farming evolution and farm management

  • Pond preparation and holistic components

  • Planning and Management for Environmental Issues

  • Shrimp Feeding and Nutrition

  • Shrimp Health Management

Course Outline

  • A brief introduction to shrimp farming, evolution and history in Thailand and global

  • Experiences and policies related to shrimp/prawn culture development

  • Planning for environmental issues

  • Pond Bottom/Soil Management

  • Water Quality Management

  • Grow-out pond/farm management

Target Audiences

  • Agriculturists, Practitioners, Decision makers/Policymakers and Development Partners.

  • Young and Experienced Farmers and Entrepreneurs interested on aquaculture industries.

  • Those with a responsibility or interest in the shrimp farming business


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