Smart Grids: Technical, Commercial and Business Drivers

A Smart Grid includes a variety of operation and energy measures, including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources. Smart Grids offer promise for driving sustainable energy transition, and a combination of technology and energy management skills will lead to a transformation that realizes multiple benefits for consumers, the environment, the energy industry, and Thailand as a whole. The rising demand of electrical energy poses a great challenge for the production, distribution and transmission of energy to the users. This demands greater reliability, efficiency, improved security, reduced costs to the consumers, energy savings, reduce technical losses and environmental energy sustainable concerns. The smart features of technology for the production, distribution and transmission of electricity resulted in the Smart Grid technology which opens the opportunity to address those challenges.

This course will enrich conceptual knowledge with field experiences on smart grid technology & philosophy with drivers, its benefits, architecture implementation, and future. Further, this course addresses the issues and challenges involved in the utilization of large-scale intermittent types of renewable energy sources that are employed by utility engineers and planners.
Course Outline:
  • Concept, definitions and benefits of Smart Grids
  • Communications and measurement technologies in Smart Grids
  • Synchrophasors, smart metering and WAMs in Smart Grids
  • Pathway for designing Smart Grids
  • Interoperability, standards and cyber security in Smart Grids
  • Methodological approach for estimating the benefits and costs of Smart Grid projects
  • Case studies of distribution automation technologies in Smart Grid
  • Regulatory and policy challenges in Smart Grid 
  • Demand response and renewable energy integration
  • Low carbon transportation and energy storages
  • Microgrid design and operations


Target Audience: 
  • Energy Engineers
  • Energy Technicians
  • Managers in the Energy Industries
  • Smart Grid Operators
  • Implementors of Smart Grid
  • Planners and Decision Makers of Smart Grid Implementation

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