Sustainable and Smart Farming using Cutting Edge Technologies and IoT

The 4th Industrial Revolution (i.e., emergence of ICT or DTs) is behind the disruption in all sectors and industries, agriculture, one of the oldest industries in human history, is also evolving more rapidly than ever. Smart farming technology is a technological solution that aims to create highly added value by integrating existing agricultural technologies with cutting-edge ICT solutions including Sensors, Drone Technology, GIS and RS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Bots or Autonomous Robots, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Data Analytics. Smart Farming is an emerging farming practice that refers to managing farms using innovative and modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the inputs and human labor required, reduce waste or recycle, and address climate change impact and other challenges.


  • Required knowledge and skills in the field of frontier technologies in the field of agriculture.
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas with expert/resource persons who are involved in advanced sustainable technological research for agriculture in future.
  • Learn about precision farming tools and IoT in enhancing on-farm productivity.
  • Understand how to empower smallholder farmers through DT/ICT Tools in achieving efficiency, market access and financial services.
  • Strengthened knowledge on efficient and sustainable agro-based businesses using innovative cutting edge technologies and other ICT tools.

Course Outline:

  • Recent advances in Farm Automation and Crop Production
  • Precision Farming for High Value Crops 
  • Crop Management using Smart Phones and Internet
  • An introduction to Digital Agricultural Technologies (DAT)  
  • DAT - its readiness and enabling environment


Target Audience:


  • Agriculturists, Practitioners, Decision-makers/Policymakers and Development Partners.
  • Young and Experienced Farmers and Entrepreneurs interested on digital transformation of agriculture and food industry.
  • Those with a responsibility or interest in the intersection of ICT, digital tools and agriculture across the world.
  • No prior background on ICT and DAT is required



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