Professional Development Course On Smart Grid Commercial, Technical And Market Drivers

17 - 28 January 2020

A two-week professional development program on “Smart Grid Commercial, Technical and Market Drivers is designed and organized for the engineers of Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC), Bangladesh. This course provides theoretical and practical aspects of electric power transmission, distribution, and management through the modernized smart grid technology.

Objective: The course aim at enhancing the capacity of the engineers who take responsibility in the electric power distribution system

TIMING: The course will be held from 17 – 28 January 2020

VENUE: AIT, Thailand

PARTICIPANTS:     10 participants from Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC), Bangladesh.

COURSE DIRECTOR:   Mr. Fazle Karim

COURSE COORDINATOR:    Mr. Tharakorn Chanlapa

CONTACT :Mr. Fazle Karim

Course Director

AIT Extension

Asian Institute of Technology