AIT holds training course on Procurement Management for Ministry of Local Development, Nepal

In its aim to update its personnel and make them more in tune with the international practices on procurement management for more methodical and transparent system, the Ministry of Local Development of the Government of Nepal will be sending participants to the training course on “Advanced Strategies in Public Procurement”. This one-week course, to run on 23 – 29 June 2010, has been designed expressly to serve the continuing development goals of national procurement professionals. 

The course seeks to help procurement professionals in their now well established process of becoming more market driven and better aligned with internationally accepted principles, of developing strategies to curtail noneconomic considerations in procurement, and of upgrading the professional capacity to undertake procurement at all levels of government.The course will focus on the procurement at local level, and at the same time at central procurement system at the central level where the system is more scientific and transparent so that the system works in tandem with the procurement need at the decentralized local bodies and at the ministry level.

The public procurement sector is among the largest domestic markets in any country.  Public procurement systems bridge public requirements, such as infrastructure, hospitals, and defense, with private-sector providers.  As such, procurement efficiency, efficacy, and value-for-money are essential.  Any improvement in the public procurement system has direct benefits for a nation’s overall economy and people.

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