Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environment (1 – 7 July, 2010)

In close collaboration with the Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR) under the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD), Nepal, AIT Extension has arranged various customized training programs for the Engineers and Project Staff of DoLIDAR and MoLD. The training programs are sponsored by Asian Development Bank (ADB). Thirty-two officials from DoLIDAR and MoLD have already completed different training cum study visit programs at AIT, Thailand.

Consequently, the upcoming customized training program on “Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environment” aims to enhance participants’ knowledge in assessing the impacts of development projects’ activities on natural resources and environment to be affected. It will provide an expert advice and technical inputs from environmental specialists so that potential environmental problems can be clearly defined. In addition, participants will also benefit from the field visits to the relevant organizations in Thailand. 

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Image: Means of livelihood for one of the village families in Nepal; Source: Ministry of Local Development

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