Education Development and Management 19th – 28th June 2017

This training course aims to enhance knowledge and skills of the participants in education administration and management in areas on curriculum planning and monitoring of education systems, and maintain quality of education activities and training interventions. Key learning area cover planning and administering decentralized education policies and management, good governance and its applications in school-based management, standardization of outcome-based curriculum and measures, management of school based curriculum and towards SDGs, result-based approach in monitoring and evaluation education programs and activities, methods and tools for assessing student achievement and quality of graduates, advanced methods in capacity development and training intervention for educators.

Country: Nepal

Sponsors:National Center for Educational Development (NCED), Ministry of Education (MOE)

No. of Participants:  20

Participants: Ministry of Education, National Center of Educational Development (NCED), Department of Education (DOE), Education Training Center (ETC), and District Education Office (DEO)

Duration: 10 days

Course Director:Narumon Wangnai

Program Coordinators:Warindhorn Wachirasiri

                                     Chatchata Prasongsuk