Professional development course on Accounting: significant aspects in power utilities companies, 7-18 August 2017)

This two-week program is prepared in response to a recent request from Ceylon  Electricity  Board  (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (PVT) Ltd. for the training course  on Accounting: Significant Aspects in Power Utilities Companies for different  units,  especially professionals involved in the Accounting and Finance in Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company (PVT) Ltd.

Course Objectives

It is expected that, at the end of the course participants will be have:

  • enhanced knowledge and appreciate the concepts on financial management of power companies ;
  • developed understanding on capital budgeting techniques
  • gained insights into project management - time and cost management;
  • acquired advance knowledge on technical aspects for power sector executives;
  • shared knowledge and practical experience on accounting systems legal framework and financial reporting;
  • familiarized with derivative and hedging;
  • appreciated emission allowances; and
  • developed insights on renewable energy credits.

Ceylon Electricity Board
Ceylon Electricity Board is a body corporate established on the 1st November 1969 under the Act of Parliament No. 17 of 1969. It is empowered to generate electrical energy, transmit the same and distribute it to reach all categories of consumers and to collect the revenue. It is also empowered to acquire assets, including human resources following the approved procedures. It is the duty of the CEB to make the optimal use of the resources through the application of pragmatic and time-tested managerial methods.

Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited

Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited is a Company incorporated in 1983 for the purpose of electricity distribution in Sri Lanka.  The formation of the company is by acquiring assets of local authorities to create a modern and efficient distribution network.  This objective is achieved even above the expectations when evaluated after 29 years of operations.  The company has throughout attracted foreign funding from the Asian Development Bank and is highly benefited by the consultancies of utility consultants such as Becca Worely International in setting up their efficient network.  LECO as a utility is benchmarked very high in the South East Asian region.

PARTICIPANTS: The participants for this course will be selected by Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company (PVT) Ltd.  There will be 12 participants attending the program.


COURSE COORDINATOR: Mrs. Thaniya Jirasathitpornpong

CONTACT: Mr. Fazle Karim,
Head, Information Technology & Engineering
AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology