Professional development course on Human resource management 25th September – 06th October 2017

The twelve days course on Human Resource Management is organized in response to a request from Dhaka Electricity Supply Company limited (DESCO). The course is designed to meet the current and future need of officers involved in the human resource management of Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited. The modules are oriented to the needs of the power distribution companies.

Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited, commonly known as DESCO, is a Public Limited Company which distributes electricity at the Northern parts of Dhaka City Corporation area. The company was created on November 1996 under the Companies Act 1994 as a Public Limited Company. The company is now under the Power Division of the Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and serving a total number of 604,304 consumers as of 31 December 2013. 

DESCO in the past few years had set their participants to AIT Extension on different technical training courses related to power supply. Recently an MoU was signed between AIT and DESCO. DESCO will send a series of training courses to AIT Extension and has decided on the trainings during 2016-18. 

Objective: Human Resource Management is a means to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for an organization through effective utilization of an organizations most valued asset – their human resources.

It is expected by the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • List the main functions in human resource and personnel management
  • Gain insights into the different aspects of human resource planning
  • Explain the essentials of human resource and performance management
  • Evaluate the strategies and practices that can bet used for the effective performance management.
  • Build an idea of how talent management and intellectual capital within power industry can be effectively applied
  • Identify the essentials of designing and implementing a strategic human resource management system
  • Develop an understanding on the importance and essential steps in auditing 

TIMING:  The training course will be held during 25 September – 06 October 2017 (excluding travel time). The participants will arrive on 24 September 2017 and leave on 07 October 2017.

VENUE:  AIT, Thailand 

CLIENT/DONOR: Dhaka Electricity Supply Company Limited.                                   

PARTICIPANTS: 12 participants for this training is selected by the DESCO authority. Participants are drawn from senior officers and executives engaged in different disciplines related to human resource development and management. 

COURSE DIRECTOR:   Mr. Fazle Karim 

COURSE COORDINATOR(S):     Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari

CONTACT  :Mr. Fazle Karim

Head,Information Technology & Engineering

AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology


Phone: 02 524 5311