Summer Training Program on Aquaculture Development & Aquatic Resources Management in South & Southeast Asia 15 July to 04 August 2018

15 July - 04 August 2018

The summer training program is designed for graduate and undergraduate students of Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU), China. It aims at providing the SHOU students with advanced knowledge of the status and development in the aquaculture and fisheries industry as well as in the field of integrated management of coastal and marine resources in South and Southeast Asian Countries.

The main objective of this program is to provide better understanding and knowledge for sustainable aquaculture production and aquatic resources management including innovation and advancements in South and Southeast Asian Countries. Besides technical input sessions and hands-on training, the summer program will expose the SHOU students to the international and multicultural learning and knowledge exchange system at AIT, and also to the culture and practices in Thailand.

After the completion of the training, the participants shall be able to:

a) Understand the development trends, innovation and the technology adopted for the improvement of aquaculture and aquatic resources management in South and Southeast Asia.

 b) Understand the management strategies employed in Thailand towards sustainable development and improvement of shrimp farming and aquaculture industry.

 c) Understand the policies in place in Thailand and in the rest of Southeast and South Asia which are important for sustainable growth of those industries.

 d)Apply the knowledge learned from lectures, hands-on training and field visits to developing student/research projects within their college or department.

 e)Have a considerable understanding of the education and research frontier of AIT in the aquaculture and aquatic resources management (AARM), food engineering and bioprocess technology (FEBT) and in integrated coastal management (ICM).

f) Learn from the experience of international and multicultural education environment.g)Understand about the culture and society of Thailand.

Program Outline

The design and delivery of this summer training program will be participants/students centric using several training methods explained in the next section. The program will cover following tentative broad areas/topics:


  • Aquatic Resources System and Management - principles and practices
  • Recent trends and developments in Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management – a global perspective with an emphasis on South and Southeast Asia
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Planning and Management – case studies on policies adopted in Thailand and other South and Southeast Asian region
  • Seed production, nursing, feed and nutrition, and health management in aquaculture and shrimp farming
  • Probiotics in Aquaculture
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Aquarium Technology and Good Practices
  • Aquaculture for Rural Development
  • Coastal Aquaculture Development, Coastal Ecosystems and Climate Change – issues and strategies


The students/participants will have options to learn many of the above topics through hands-on sessions and practicum. An Integration and Presentation Session will be conducted at the end of each week, earlier to that week the learning objectives will be set and guidelines will be provided for this Integration and Presentation Session. In this session, the participants will prepare presentations on lessons learned and key learning points (KLP) and discuss. Groups will be formed and the participants will be assisted to prepare their presentations and their future course of action. The content of the presentation will be discussed by the course director and the presentation will be mandatory for participants receiving certificates of successful completion of the summer course.

There will be social and cultural visits arranged in the weekend between the three weeks program to allow the students to learn about the history, life and culture of Thailand. The summer training program will be facilitated by qualified and experienced professionals in the field of aquaculture and aquatic resources management from AIT and other leading professors and experts in Thailand.

Program Schedule

The program will commence with the arrival of students and accompanying faculty members on the 15th of July 2018. The training program will begin on the 16 July 2018, Monday at the AIT Conference Center. The program will end on 04 August 2018. 


Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash