Professional Development Program on Innovative Irrigation Engineering Techniques

21 January - 02 February 2019
The main objective of this technical development training course is to enhance the understanding, skills and capacity of the officials from Sindh Irrigation Department on Improved, Modern and Effective Irrigation Engineering and Management Techniques. The program imparts an understanding of the complexity of water use and water resources management problems.
This program will also cover hydraulic aspects of the theory and design of hydraulic structures. Storage dams, outlet works, diversion works, drop structures, stone structures, conveyance and control structures, flow measurement and culverts.
The program comprises classroom lectures, discussions, case studies, practical computer sessions, field visits, interaction with professionals and sharing of experiences.
Module 1: Water Resources Management
Module 2: Introduction to Design and Construction of Hydraulic Structure.
Module 3: Planning and Design of Irrigation Systems
Module 4:  Water Resources Modelling by Using HEC-RAS