Short-Term International Exposure Visit Program on Evaluation and Assessment of Annual Performance in Public Sector - experiences from Vietnam and Japan

28 October - 05 November 2019

The aim of this exposure visit program is to equip participants with knowledge on public sector performance assessment in other developing and developed countries like Vietnam and Japan. It is expected that at the end of this exposure participants will have better understanding on (what, who, how, impact/outcome):

Assessing and Evaluating Public Sector Performance System in Japan and Vietnam (what?)

  • Policy relevance/implications of Public Sector Performance Assessment (what?) 
  • Key Institutes or Departments (Ministry) responsible for assessing and evaluating the performance in Public Sector (who?)
  • Key factors in designing a Public Sector Performance Evaluation and Assessment System (how?)
  • Key performance indicators used to monitor annual or periodical performances (how?)
  • Implementation and follow up recommendations on the agreement and evaluation (impacts/outcome?)

Program Content and Delivery

The main focus of this international exposure visit program will be towards experiential learning that covers sharing of experiences combining study and exposure visits along with few required technical input sessions.

A. Technical Inputs Sessions in the form of lectures/seminars, case studies, and exercises, will be delivered on selected following areas:

  • Performance management in public sector as motivation and success factor;
  • Criteria and Indicators of PMS in Japan and Vietnam;
  • The challenges and future directions of performance management

B. Exposure Visits

The study and exposure visit programs will be an integral part of this program. The exposure visit programs to Key Institutes or Departments (Ministry) responsible for assessing and evaluating the performance in Public Sector will provide opportunity to exchange views and ideas with practitioners in Japan and Vietnam. These will cover the study visits to the following places:

  • Provincial Public Administrative Centre, Vietnam
  • Local Municipality/Village in Vietnam
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan
  • Section of Social Welfare of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Local Municipality in Japan
  • Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University

Alongside the study tour program to the relevant other departments and/or ministries, few social and cultural visit to the archeological/natural-heritage places in Japan and Vietnam will be arranged to provide more exposure to the participants.

C. Group/Individual Action Plan Presentation

A recap with an Integration and Presentation Session will be conducted at the end of the program. In this session the participants will deliver presentations on lessons learnt and key learning points (KLP). At the end of the 07 days study tour program, participants will be expected to prepare a presentation, either as a group or individual, on the key learning points that gathered from lectures, and study and exposure visits. These learning points should reflect their usefulness and/or applicability/adaptability in their country context. The content of the presentation will be discussed by the course director and the presentation will be mandatory for participants receiving certificates of successful completion of the course.

The delivery of this international exposure visit program will be participant centered and the program will use an experiential learning approach to create a highly interactive environment among participants.

Participants will all receive a Certificate from AIT after successful completion of the program and given that they have followed the AIT Extension Code of Conduct for Training Programs, and they have attended and actively participated in 90% of the program activities.

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