Collaborative Forest Management for Sustainable Landscape Restoration

12 May - 10 August 2022

This training program has been designed to upgrade the forestry officials in their institutional and managerial capacity development on institutionalizing CFM activities, restoration of degraded forests, coastal green belt and field infrastructure, increasing access to alternative income generating activities through CFM based restoration program and achieve sustainability. By the end of this three months training program and research study, participants will have improved knowledge, skills and understanding on the following key areas:

  • Sustaining forest landscapes through local partnerships
  • Combatting hunger and climate change through CFM
  • Empowering local communities to become effective and environmentally conscious natural resource-based entrepreneurs
  • Site-specific management planning for the activities on livelihoods diversification
  • Establishment of an institutional framework and rules for CFM
  • Identification of policy and regulatory measures to strengthen collaboration with communities in different ecosystems
  • Identification of the most forest dependent communities where the restoration project is able to develop CFM committees
  • Extent of degradation and suitability for restoration
  • Feasibility of community participation in afforestation/reforestation program
  • Restoration and protection of natural habitats for the alleviation of human-wildlife conflict

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