Epidemiological Investigation of Important Zoonotic Diseases

18 - 27 April 2022

The professional Training course on Epidemiological Investigation of Important Zoonotic Diseases (Livestock Sector) was designed for a recent request from the Department of livestock Services, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Government of Bangladesh. The program had implemented by the AIT Extension (AITX) of Asian Institute of Technology based in Thailand. This professional development course focused expanding scientifically rational and advisable control measures for preventing additional outbreak-associated morbidity or mortality in livestock sector.

Program Objective and Learning Outcomes

Epidemiologic investigations are usually conducted in outbreak situations. The primary reasons for conducting an epidemiologic investigation are to determine the cause of an outbreak and to implement control measures to prevent disease outbreak in animal as well as human populations. After completion of this training program, participants were able to improve their knowledge and understanding on:

  • Early detection of outbreaks of emerging diseases and public health emergencies.
  • Control measures during and after the outbreak
  • Sustainable Health System and Urban Health Care Services Model in Thailand (linkages with SDGs)
  • The strategic framework for control of zoonotic infections on the concept of “One Health” approach
  • Visiting Local Livestock Herds and Slaughterhouses  GIS Applications in Epidemiological Investigation
  • Application of computer software as well as advanced data analysis methods as a tool for the investigation.

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