Governance and Anti-Corruption: The Methods and Tools behind an Effective Corruption-Eradication Strategy-Batch 2

27 June - 06 July 2022
Course Summary: 

The course contents are selected according to contexts in developing countries and best practices that have succeed elsewhere.

  • Ecosystem of Good Governance and its Tool for Anti-corruption
  • Ethic Management in Public Administration
  • Clean Public Sector Management Approaches
  • Check and Balance System
  • Approach for Investigation
  • Case Management System
  • ICT Assisted Services as preventive measures
  • Complaint Handling System
  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Education and awareness raising to create clean organization culture
Course Objectives: 

It is expected that after the end of the training program, participants will:

  • Have acquainted knowledge on approaches and methods to implement anti-corruption strategies in public organizations.
  • enrich participants’ practical knowledge on adoption of corrective measures, preventive strategies, and best practices to minimize the risk on corruptions; and
  • have exposure on anti-corruption strategies and practices being implemented in Thailand.

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