Professional Development Course on Sustainable Health Systems in a Rapidly Changing Environment

18 - 24 April 2022
This professional development course was prepared for Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project-II, Local Government Division, Ministry of LGRD&C; Bangladesh. Participants were drawn from the top level and mid-level professionals having 15-20 years of experience. This training program was designed for transferring knowledge and skills to individuals and government institutions, enabling them to manage and lead positive changes, solving problems, delivering good services, and improving performance of the professionals involved in the public utility managers to benefit the operation of the Urban Primary Health Care Services Project (UPHCP-II) especially during the COVID-19 pandemic salutation. The proposal was financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) & World Health Organization (WHO). It was prepared for Urban Primary Health Care Project (UPHCP-II), Bangladesh as one of the courses according to the Contract of Services between the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Local Government, Bangladesh and AIT Extension for delivering customized professional development courses in the health sector.

This course was designed to raise the awareness of Mayors, senior health sector representative, NGO and other key stakeholders especially in the context of

  • WHO guidelines for urbanization and its conjugation with the sustainable health system
  • Understand the urban health care services & PPP (Public Private Partnership) model from Thailand perspective
  • Enhancing the WHO’s initiatives on “Universal Health Coverage (UHC)”, Thai initiatives on Urban health, and ageing along with relevant tools and techniques
  • Support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)’s goal with respect to “Good Health and Well-Being (SDG#3)”
  • Tools and techniques that are required to improve the primary health care services
  • Get to know the common practices in Thailand to build healthy and resilient cities
  • Experience sharing on how Thailand manages the COVID-19 during this pandemic

VENUE: AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology

PARTICIPANTS:  20 participants from Ministry of LGRD&C, Bangladesh.
COURSE COORDINATOR: Mr. Md. Omar Farouk & Ms. Thaniya Jirasathitpornpong.
COURSE DIRECTOR:   Mr. Fazle Karim, Director
AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology

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