Training Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development Process for Higher Education Institutions

12 - 23 December 2021

Course Objectives: 

This professional development course aims to enhance the faculty members/officials of Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)’ knowledge and skills in curriculum development process by highlighting the TNA and curriculum development process for the education sectors. The course will be focused on needs assessment and analysis, curriculum development and implementation, course design and planning, challenges of 21st century education sectors curriculum development, implantation, assessment, evaluation, and curriculum redesigning.

Course Summary: 

Module 1: Training Needs Assessment

  • Overview of Training Needs Assessment
  • Training Needs Assessment Process
  • Training Needs Assessment Tools & Techniques

Module 2: Overview of 21st Century Curriculum Development

  • Theoretical Backgrounds
  • National Planning and the Curricula of the Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Training Institutes
  • Practical Developments and Implementation

Module 3:  Planning

  • Identify Issue/Problem/Need
  • Creating Curriculum Development Team
  • Conduct Needs Assessment and Analysis

Module 4:  Contents & Method

  • State Intended Outcomes
  • Select Content
  • Design Experiential Methods

Module 5:  Implementation

  • Produce Curriculum Product
  • Test and Revise Curriculum
  • Recruit and Train Facilitators
  • Implement Curriculum

Module 6:  Evaluation and Reporting

  • Design Evaluation Strategies (Formative & Summative)
  • Reporting and Securing Resources

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