Faiz Shah

Director (Programs) & Director, Yunus Center AIT

Dr. Shah leads innovation-centered initiatives including the Yunus Centre AIT, the SDG Lab, and the Analytics Academy, with faculty affiliation at the AIT School of Management, where he leads the Yunus Global Masters in Social Business and Entrepreneurship.  He has directed high-impact programs in Pakistan, such as DEPCAM, considered key to the control of the 2011 Dengue epidemic, EDSMAT-1 & 2, recognized for their contribution to Energy sector reform, and WRITMIP and PIHP, acknowledged for their strategic value to the Agriculture and Irrigation sectors. Dr. Shah is visiting professor at the College of Innovation at Thammasat University and lectures at Kasetsart University and Rangsit University.  He serves as an elected member of the AIT Board Staff Relations Committee.

Over a 40-year international change management and capacity-building career as educator and innovation leader in the public, private and social sectors, Dr. Shah has advised government- and UN agencies in over a dozen countries, working with Fortune 500 companies in China, Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA, groomed over 3,000 grassroots change catalysts in Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, overseen over 300 community-level development projects in diverse communities across Asia-Pacific. Between 1995 and 2001 he led Saga, the world's largest soccer-ball company and sole global supplier to Nike in pioneering a widely recognized socially responsible business model. Since 2002, his work has contributed to institution-building and human development initiatives notably in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Timor Leste. Dr. Shah's multi-sectoral experience includes  leading the Pakistan-Afghanistan field office team for Save the Children-UK, heading ADB, CIDA and GTZ technical assistance projects to the Government of Pakistan, and championing innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnerships such as Responsible Business Initiative, Sialkot Partnership Against Child Labour, Fairtrade-Pk, Pakistan Compliance Initiative, and GTZ-AVE National Business Standards Roundtable. 

Dr. Shah joined a permanent faculty position at the Punjab University's Allam Iqbal Medical College in 1986 and has since lectured at the Ross Business School University of Michigan, Institute of Administrative Sciences Punjab University, and the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania. He has served on working groups developing recognized industry standards such as SA8000, GRI, TI-SAI Principles, and Fairtrade. His cases appear in textbooks including Marketing Practices in Developing Economy: Cases from South Asia (Prentice-Hall 2009). Dr. Shah is the lead author of Responsible Business Guide: A Toolkit for Winning Companies (CIPE-RBI-ACCA 2010), and editor of the International Journal of Social Business and the Journal of Applied Social Business Research. His most recent publication is the Urdu edition of A World of Three Zeroes by Muhammad Yunus (AITPress 2019)

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