Sundar Venkatesh

Advisor to Executive Director

Dr. Venkatesh has been an educator for over 20 years. He takes a comprehensive view of human resource development and organizational capacity building focusing on skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary for managers and administrators to operate in their specific work contexts. His work with organizations and governments from a diverse range of countries and industries has helped him continuously refine his approach to assessing needs, designing and developing programs, and delivering them in contextually relevant and effective ways. He works with a team that is similarly imbued with a sense of pride and responsibility in delivering relevant and valuable programs to support human resource development and organizational capacity building. In addition to contextual relevance and learning effectiveness, Dr. Venkatesh embeds the following 3 elements in the design of his learning and development initiatives:

1. A strong blend of theory and practice.

It is difficult to draw lessons from practice without an underlying theory to understand and interpret such practice. On the other hand, theory in itself is of little use to practicing managers and administrators.

Academics provide a bulk of the theory while practicing managers and field visits provide a practical perspective, all of which are blended well to support learning effectiveness.

2. A total program approach based on rigorous testing, as much as possible, and certification:

A project or a report or a test can help educators and sponsors understand how effective has been the transfer of knowledge to learners.

Most programmes are designed to close with a test or project presentation. Several projects have been adopted by learners' organisation for implementation.

3. Teaching/Learning innovations and Materials development:

How people learn is constantly evolving, especially with the advent of information technology. Also evolving is best practice in management and administration.

Teaching/Learning innovations in the form of new pedagogical techniques including the use of IT-based technologies and constant updating of teaching/learning materials in the form of cases and illustrations, including those from learners' parent organisation are incorporated into the program design.

In over two decades as an academic and training and development professional, Dr. Venkatesh has worked with private organizations, small and large, governmental ministries, non-governmental organizations, and central and commercial banks. Some of the noteworthy initiatives developed and managed by Dr. Venkatesh includes:

A leadership development program for an Australian company, the global leader in rubber products, of which he was the main architect and program leader for over 6 years. Nearly 100 managers from the company's offices from around the world completed this three-module program.

An international master's program for practicing managers, an ongoing program attracting participants from nearly 10 countries, run by a global consortium of 5 business schools, of which he was a member of the program management team for 2 years.

A Professional Master in Banking and Finance program, now in its 7th year, which attracts participants from central and commercial banks from South East and South Asia. Nearly 100 participants have graduated from this program. He has been the program leader of this program since its inception with responsibility for program administration, curriculum management, and overall program quality.

A mini MBA designed as an in-house program for senior managers of one of the largest software services companies in the world, based in India, employing nearly 100,000 people. He was the key architect of the program and program leader for 2 years.

A project to implement e-learning in a business school in Thailand. The project was funded by an aid agency supported by the German government. He served as the leader of the project.

A comprehensive management development program targeting different levels of management in the Indian operations of a large German multinational engineering company. He was a member of the program management team for 2 years, which was responsible for the design, development, and delivery of the program.

Developing a strategic plan for an NGO focused on adult education in Bangladesh

Mentoring financial analysts in a fund management company in Vietnam

Developing and delivering a Business Competency development program in several batches for a leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka.

Developing and implementing performance management and control system for a large automobile company in India

Developing a strategic plan for a state-owned plantation company preparing for privatization in Vietnam.

Developing a strategic plan for a diversified state-owned company preparing for privatization in India

Benchmarking the training and development function of a commercial bank in Sri Lanka and implementing several improvement initiatives

Dr. Venkatesh has also served as an invited resource person for organizations in their in-house training and development initiatives. Such organizations include those from banking, insurance, consumer products, industrials, investment funds, hotels, software services and NGOs across several countries. He covers topics such as financial analysis, credit analysis, corporate finance, project finance, planning and control, strategic cost management and corporate governance.

He has won several awards for teaching excellence. He has published 3 books and over 20 articles in international refereed journals.

Dr. Venkatesh holds degrees in Physics and Law. He is a Chartered Accountant. His Ph.D. is in management with a specialization in accounting and finance from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He is a member of the Institute of Directors, Thailand. Prior to his career as an educator, he worked in audit/consulting and in manufacturing industries.

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