International Exposure & PDP on Hospital Financial Management & Accounting, 15-19 August 2016

This one week training program on International Exposure & PDP on Hospital Financial Management & Accounting aims at improving knowledge and skills for accountants that financial management tool, techniques and international best practices and executing to the ministry of health, Sri Lanka. Participants will gain a clear understanding of public finance management, how to interpret financial statements such as profit & loss, the balance sheet, cash flow forecasts, risk analysis and break even figures. It places a special emphasis on strengthening skills in financial management effectiveness, risk based auditing, analysing the public procurement process to identify and eliminate risks of corruption and reforming public procurement, linking planning to indicators and outcomes.

Program Contents:

1.      Financial Management

  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • Financial Management: Tools, Techniques, and Models
  • Time Value of Money, Financial Statements, Cash Flow
  • Break-Even Analysis, Security Valuation and Taxes

2.      Accounting

  • Foreign Funded Accounts and Procurement Systems
  • Accounting’s New International Guidelines: IPSAS and SLPSAS Accounting for PPE
  • Effective Internal Auditing Seminar
  • The Controller's Job in Today's Environment

3.      Culture and Ethicalness in Public Sector
4.   Interactive Study Visits: interactive field visits to government hospitals