Professional Training program on Bank Fraud Management for Internal Auditors, 17 - 21 October 2016

This is a five day professional development program on Bank Fraud Management for Internal Auditors in response to a recent request from Bhutan National Bank, Bhutan for seven internal auditors from Bhutan National Bank. The training program will be held at AIT campus from 17 - 21 October 2016. The goals of the course are to expose the participants to the various aspects of commercial fraud, to acquaint them with the methodology and tools of analysis appropriate to fraud cases, to provide them with an opportunity to exchange views with internationally recognized experts, and to enable them to explore an aspect of commercial fraud that is of interest to them.

Bhutan National Bank Ltd.

Within a few years of its operation BNBL has become an integral part of the economic fabric of Bhutan. Spun off from the Unit Trust of Bhutan, we have emerged as a strongly positioned, fully-fledged bank, the activity of which includes not only boosting private sector participation in the economy, but also playing a consistent role in the modelling of the community.

 Vision & Mission

Our Purpose: “To provide financial choice through innovation”

Our Values:

  • Integrity: through fair and honest actions;
  • Innovation: by being a learning organization that puts good ideas to practice;
  • Leadership: by example, humility, recognition and empowerment;
  • Teamwork: through individual respect, underpinned by a united purpose; and
  • Discipline: through people, thought and action.

Vision: “To gain regional recognition by being #1 in all our services and work culture”

The Sponsor of this program is Bhutan National Bank Limited.

Course director : Dr. Faiz Shah,

   Head, Development Management Unit at AIT Extension.

The Course coordination team comprises of Mathew Kuruvilla, and Ms. Nidthakant Suklap.  

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