Modern Medical Treatment and Health Care in Public Hospital 28 May – 7 June 2017 (Batch 1)

Education and Training Development Unit is organizing the Professional Development Course on  “Modern Medical Treatment and Health Care in Public Hospital” 28th  May – 7th  June 2017 for directors, managers, heads, practitioners and health care officers working in public hospitals in Bangladesh. Read more »

Financial Management and Financial Communications, 8 - 12 May 2017

This one week program aims at improving knowledge and skills for accountants that financial management tool, techniques and international best practices and executing to the ministry of health, Sri Lanka. Participants will gain a clear understanding of public finance management, how to interpret financial statements such as profit & loss, the balance sheet, cash flow forecasts, risk analysis and break even figures. Read more »

Professional development program on Contract and procurement management for gas & oil companies, 10 – 17 May 2017

This 8-day course is designed for officials responsible in assisting and contributing to the contract and procurement management for gas & oil companies on daily basis of Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company Limited. Titas Gas is playing a significant role to strengthen the socio-economic condition of a developing country like Bangladesh, even pioneering in saving foreign currency by ensuring expected use of natural gas. Read more »

Professional development program on Natural gas contract & petroleum fiscal systems 28 April – 07 May 2017

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of basic principles of gas contracts and overview of the financial management and economic parameters overview currently in practice in the industry. It is particularly suitable for personnel who want to gain a broader understanding driving performance in teams, organization and partnership. This course additionally concentrates on key contractual terms, current practice in gas purchase and sales agreement. Read more »

Professional Development Course on Leadership Development for Public Service Delivery and Citizen Centric Government (Thailand & Vietnam) 24 April – 6 May 2017

This is two weeks Customized Professional Development Training and Study Visit Program on "Leadership Development for Public Service Delivery and Citizen Centric Governance" for a group of 16 Middle/Senior level Civil Servants from various department of Manipur State, INDIA from 24 April- 6 May 2017 to Thailand and Vietnam to learn the best practices. Read more »

International Training Course on “Planning, Design and Implementation of Water Supply, Sewage Treatment & Municipal Wastes Disposal Systems, 08th -11th May, 2017

In most of the communities, be it urban, semi-urban or rural, the municipalities are falling short of providing adequate supply of water, treating sewage and processing and disposing the solid waste generated. There is a pressure from government as well as public side to provide better basic facilities for water supply and sanitation. The present training course is an effort in this direction. It starts with self-assessment  of  present  needs  and  the  status  of  present  environmental  infrastructure. Read more »

Strategy Formulation & Implementation, 17th - 28th April 2017

This is a two week training program on Strategy Formulation & Implementation for the Strategy engineers and senior managers from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Sri Lanka. At the end of this program it is expected that a core group of engineers and managers from CEB would obtained exposure through class room sessions and field visits to principles and practice of strategy formulation and implementation with a focus on electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Read more »

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