Governance and Anti-Corruption: (13 – 24 Sep, 2010) -The Method and Tools behind an Effective Corruption-Eradication Strategy

Good governance is fundamental to the economic and social development process of all countries. It is inherently linked with the financial mechanisms. The existence of a good regulatory framework provides a sound structure for the management of a country’s resources. Read more »

Advance Competencies for Trainers (27 Sep – 15 Oct, 2010)

Trainers are and will continue to be at the front line of initiatives for upgrading skills and promoting lifelong learning. Supporting their professional development will be of crucial importance in meeting the changing demands of learners and the development market.

To deliver that support, there is a requirement for a clear framework that serves to ensure that quality, relevance and professionalism continue to be the hallmarks of our education and training system. Read more »

Training of Trainers Program (27 Sep – 15 Oct, 2010) - The program for the training of future trainers

AIT Extension has been providing this type of international training for more than decades, and many of the program’s participants are now established trainers and directors of training in their respective countries.

The Training of Trainers (TOT) Program is a challenging experience, providing participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ideas and principles of those successful trainers and develop the skills to pass the knowledge gained to future generations. Read more »

AIT Extension is hosting a 6th Regional Exposure Visit Program for 46 Bangladeshi Government Officials (9 – 20 Aug, 2010)

AIT Extension, in conjunction with the Department for International Development (DFID) and Ministry of Establishment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is hosting a 46-member delegation of senior officials from Bangladesh including two facilitators from Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC) for a specialized 2 weeks program on "Public Administration Reform, Performance Management and Service Delivery" (9 – 20 Aug, 2010). Read more »


AIT Extension to host a course on Urban Environmental Management (09 to 20 August 2010)

Nine participants from Bangladesh, India, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are attending this program at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. It is intended that the course will provide participants with the appropriate knowledge and skills to identify and analyze urban environmental problems and implement sustainable solutions. Read more »

AIT Extension Representative Office, Nepal, launched series of professional development training in Kathmandu, Nepal

On 27 June, 2010, AIT Extension Representative Office (AITER), Nepal and Development Bankers’ Association (DBA) jointly conducted two days training program on ‘Bank Risk Management’.

The training was instrumental in understanding various tools & techniques and international practices on risk management. Thirty participants from banking sectors attended the course. Dr. Supreeya Nicole from Standard Chartered Bank, Thailand was the lead resource person. Read more »

AIT Extension’s Initiative for Nepal

Kathmandu is an ideal setting for scholarly exchange between AIT Extension and its Nepal Representative Office. On 4 July, 2010 AIT Extension in collaboration with the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) hosted a three-day course on Performance Management (PM). PM principles are needed everywhere in the workplaces where people interact with their environments to produce desired effects. Read more »

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