Webinars In July 2020

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Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

2nd July 2020

Digital Transformation: Future-proofing with Hybird Workforces and Cloud Computing

7th July 2020

 The Startup Way using the Lean Startup Concepts

9th July 2020


Ensuring quality and reliability of electricity with best practices in distribution network

14th July 2020


Lean Six Sigma Practices and Experiences Cross Cultures

15th July 2020

The Business of Frontier Technology

15th July 2020

Tranforming Mindset

16th July 2020

Appplied Valuation & Investment

16th July 2020


Preparing for IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16

21st July 2020



Lean Six Sigma tools in the service of Risk Management

22st July 2020

What Made Thailand Win First Wave Pandemic Fight: From Perspectives of Wholeness Care, One Health and Disaster Response

23rd July 2020

Importance of being Lean in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

29th July 2020


 CEO Talk Series: #1 Banking on Values Webinar

29th July 2020

Singapore Skills Framework: Possible Applications to Human Resource Education and Professional Development 

30th July


Leadership for Managing Transition

30th July 2020


Tracking and Measuring Progress of Foreign Aided Development Projects

31st July 2020