Professional development program on Electricity distribution system and customer services (batch II 21 november – 2 december 2016 Batch III 5 – 16 december 2016)

This two-week course is designed for officials responsible in managing the distribution of electricity, implementing the measurement of its distribution, taking care of the customer service, and planning for generating alternative energy. Read more »

Overseas Exposure Visit Program on: 11th Policy, Planning and Management Course of BPATC, Bangladesh Ministry of Public Administration 20th – 26th November 2016

This one week Overseas Exposure Visit Program is on11th Policy, Planning and Management Course of BPATC, Bangladesh, Ministry of Public Administration which is to held from 20th – 26th November 2016. The Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA), Government of Bangladesh is an apex body that is responsible for ensuring effectiveness of civil service system, maintaining relevance of civil service regulations and policies as well as building up competency of the civil servants to carry out government affairs and service delivery.

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Exposure visit program II for the Faculties from eastern university, Sri Lanka, 14-21 November 2016

This one week customized training/exposure visit program is prepared for the team of academicians of Eastern University of Sri Lanka in response to a request from Dr. K. E. Karunakaran, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Eastern University, Sri Lanka and on the basis of discussion between Dr. P. Abdul Salam, Associate Professor, SERD, AIT and the Vice Chancellor of Eastern University of Sri Lanka. This proposal is designed for the academics from the social science stream.

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Professional development program on Community based financial inclusion and microfinance, 14 – 25 November 2016

This 2 week program is designed to provide concept and practice of Financial Inclusion and Microfinance as well as to provide a holistic perspective to participants. The program is ideal for entry level and middle management participants from financial institutions and banks operating or opening a microfinance desk. Read more »

Professional Development Training Course on Management of Data Quality & Standardization; 14 – 25 November 2016

This 2 weeks Customized Professional Development Training Course on Management of Data Quality & Standardization is to be conducted for 5 Officials of Central Statistical Agency, National Planning Commission, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia during 14 – 25 November 2016. Read more »

Training program on The Highways/Bridge Design and Construction Technology, 7 -11 November 2016

This Five (5) days professional development program on ‘The Highways/Bridge Design and Construction Technology’ is prepared in response to a recent request from MSV International, Inc., India Office. Read more »

Professional development program on Essential office management skills, Batch I and II

This Six (06) days each professional development program is on Essential Office Management Skills for the professionals of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited. Bhutan Power Corporation Limited was launched as a public utility on the 1st of July 2002 with the mandate of distributing electricity throughout the Country and also providing transmission access for generating stations for domestic supply as well as export. Read more »

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